Isis Initiation

Black Isis is the expression of the destructive power of the Great Goddess who demolishes patterns, but in whose heart there shines a great light. Black Isis also symbolizes the Great Void, endless potential from which all that exists begins. It is an immense creative power, which gives birth to a ceaseless succession of new worlds. For us, Black Isis has been hiding in our subconscious as well as in the matter for thousands of years, but now she is awakening and rising to the wakeful consciousness, demolishing the outdated patterns and paving the path to a new world based on greater honesty, naturalness, harmony with the nature, also on our own true nature. Being dark or veiled on the outside, there shines extraordinarily great and bright light behind these veils. And to those who are brave and do not fear the force in them that has the power to demolish the old and stagnated patterns, Isis will show her real countenance. She will throw off her veils and become White Isis – the Great Goddess herself, the ruler of Heaven and Earth.

…and so it was 26 000 years ago, and is again…

If you are a chosen one, you’ll know what to do… if you know what to do, you are a chosen one.

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